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Everything you Need to Know About Shopping for Vinyl Plank Flooring in Las Vegas

So, you have finally decided to do away with your builder-grade flooring and swap it out for vinyl plank flooring that best suits your needs and style. You have likely seen so many different options on the internet that it’s making it hard to decide what is best, what will last, what the differences are, and which is suited for your home’s foot traffic. 

This handy guide includes must-knows and pertinent information any homeowner shopping for vinyl plank flooring in the Las Vegas Valley will find helpful, from how the desert heat impacts flooring to the best vinyl plank flooring styles.

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Waterproof-Vinyl-Flooring-Stain Resistant

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring & The Las Vegas Heat

Even though vinyl plank flooring is one of the most durable options on the market, it has its limits. Unfortunately, direct sunlight will cause most floorings to fade over time, become discolored, and degrade. However, a few LVP options with a unique construction designed to withstand UV rays and heat better are on the market. 

Knowing a vinyl plank’s composition can save you money and frustration, as sometimes installing less expensive vinyl plank floors in areas with direct sunlight, such as along sliding glass doors and large windows, can, over time, cause them to buckle and release the bond of the glue, which is the last thing you want to experience during a Las Vegas summer.

Suggested LVP Brands For Heat-Resistance:

  • COREtec Plus

  • Shaw Floorte 

Discover both on our luxury vinyl plank catalog.

As part of our showroom services, our experts offer a free design consultation in which we select several brands on your behalf based on your budget, concerns, wants, preferences, and special circumstances. It’s also the perfect way to receive free flooring samples to take home. Comparing their textures, durability, and resistance in your space is a great way to make the best choice for your needs, which is challenging to do with most online floor visualizers. 

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What Vinyl Plank Flooring Will Last The Longest?

This is a loaded question, as the market has many different options. Before diving in, it is important to understand that LVP flooring has several layers. We wrote a whole blog on LVP wear layers

Generally speaking, LVP with a thicker wear layer last longer. Residential flooring projects with heavy foot traffic or households with pets should stay in the 8-12-mil range, while areas with less foot traffic can handle LVP in the 6-8 mil range. 

A product with a thicker wear layer typically costs more. However, there are exceptions to this, as some brands offer solutions at a cost-effective price point. Should you go with a lower mil for heavy foot traffic areas, know that you may need to replace thinner floors more often. Therefore, if you’re shopping for a rental property instead of an investment property, you may want to consider whether the cost to replace your vinyl floors every few years and the items associated with it, like removing upending baseboards or stair noses and treads, outweigh the upfront savings. 

Suggested LVP Brands for Durability:

COREtec Plus

Shaw Floorte Pro

Paradigm Performer

Provenza Concorde

Discover these styles in our luxury vinyl plank flooring catalog.

The Best Vinyl Plank Floors for Pets & Children

New flooring can transform a space. It can make the room feel fresh and clean. But just as with renovated spaces, the feeling will fade once you start cooking, living, and using it daily. If you live in a household with pets and kids will want to select a more durable LVP for life’s everyday messes.

When picking out durable flooring for kids and pets, keep these factors in mind:

  • Scratch-resistance 

  • Water-resistance and waterproof

  • Comfort

  • Safety


You can measure scratch resistance and resilience by taking a quarter and scratching the surface of the free flooring samples you receive to test how resilient it is to wear and tear over time. 

Water-Resistance and Waterproof

Water-resistant LVP are designed to only hold up to small spills that are dealt with quickly, say urine or spilled milk that gets cleaned up right away. Waterproof LVP is more durable and can withstand liquid spills and significant accidents, like a washing machine or water heater that causes flooding. 

You can also test your flooring samples to see how they hold up to spills over long durations.


Regarding comfort, you’ll want to gather enough samples to step on them barefoot. Get your kids, dogs, and cats to do the same to ensure they don’t find it discomforting. Texture plays a significant role in comfort, and LVP is available in a wide variety of them, from real-wood texture impressions to smooth surfaces. For a convincing wood finish and look, we suggest Shaw Anvil Plus, and for smooth-to-the-step LVP flooring, check out SMARTCORE Pro by COREtec.


Lastly, regarding safety, an expert can review each sample’s specifications during your showroom visit. Almost all manufacturers these days run thorough testing on their products. As an extra layer of assurance, we only carry reputable and FloorScore® Certified LVP brands with standards for the flooring materials, adhesives, and underlayments they produce. Rest assured that your family won’t worry about coming into contact with harmful VOCs.

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